Sofra Familly Bistro

Our recent name change was meant to give our customers some insight in to the owner’s roots. In 1991 Gjyner and Fatone Lumani came to the United States to realize their own American dream. Even though they are originally from the Balkan region in southeastern Europe, Gjyner and Fatone decided to open Bavaria Family Restaurant to better fit in to the German community of Middleton.
In 2009, however, Bavaria Family Restaurant officially became Sofra Family Bistro to satisfy the community’s increasingly diverse tastes. Although our breakfast and lunch menu favorites have remained the same, our dinner menu now features dishes typical of our cultural heritage.
As “sofra” is the formal Albanian word for dining table, we invite you to our family’s table to enjoy a homemade meal that will let you experience Albanian, Balkan, and Mediterranean foods. We invite you to mingle amongst our family and friends and experience our roots!